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Twitter Is Sharing Impractical Job Requirements Set By Recruiters While Hiring New Employees



There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has brought recession in the whole world with a number of businesses being shut down, people losing jobs, increase in inflation, etc. This is really a tough phase and it won’t be incorrect to say that the year 2020 is the year of survival. Most importantly, we should focus more on our health and on saving ourselves from the lethal COVID-19 virus.



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However, sometimes people laugh a lot while looking for a job as they get to read some very funny advertisements and requirements. Every company wants to hire employees who are hardworking and experienced but sometimes they make extraordinary demands; for example, how they can expect a person to have 10 years of experience in a skill which has been created just five years ago.

One Twitter user named Sebastián Ramírez posted a tweet in which he talked about a job posting wherein the recruiter demanded the candidate to have experience of more than 4 years in FastAPI. Sebastián was not eligible enough to apply for the job but the eye-popping fact here is that it was he who created FastAPI around 1.5 years ago. Surprising, isn’t it?

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Check out what he tweeted,

“I saw a job post the other day.

It required 4+ years of experience in FastAPI.

I couldn’t apply as I only have 1.5+ years of experience since I created that thing.

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate that ‘years of experience = skill level’. ♻ ”

After Sebastian posted this tweet, it went viral and people started sharing their own experiences. Here are some of the selected tweets:












Have you also come across any such ad? Share with us.

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