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After Epic Dance Class Fail, Alaya Furniturewalla Shares The “Cooler” Version



After Epic Dance Class Fail, Alaya Furniturewalla Shares The 'Cooler' Version

Alaya Furniturewalla shared this photo (courtesy alaya.f)


  • Alaya shared a video of her dance lessons
  • Alaya described the video as a “cooler one”
  • Earlier, she had shared an ROFL of her dance class

New Delhi:


Alaya Furniturewalla often trends for her quirky videos and we love her for her Instagram feed. On Tuesday, Alaya Furniturewalla returned to light up her Instagram feed again with an uber cool video from her dance class. Alaya’s video appears to be from the same day when an ROFL mishap over hair extensions happened at the dance class – she told us all about it but more on that later. This time, Alaya can be seen doing a backbend of sorts in her dance studio and setting major fitness goals. Making a reference to her previous dance class video, Alaya captioned the new one this way: “You guys enjoyed the fail version where I got my extensions pulled out so I thought it’s high time I post the cooler one.” LOL.

Can you bend it like Alaya Furniturewalla?

Earlier, the 22-year-old actress made a promise to herself that she’s never going to go to her dance classes sporting hair extensions because she learnt it the hard way. “…And I never wore extensions to dance class again,” she captioned a video, in which her hair extensions can be seen coming off as she slid off the floor.

Meanwhile, Alaya Furniturewalla is always up to something or the other – when she’s not dancing, she’s trying out new yoga poses. When she’s not doing yoga, she’s painting her face with colours. When she’s not playing with colours, she’s shooting DIY facemasks for her Instafam. Alaya Furniturewalla’s feed is an interesting mix of everything:

Alaya is the daughter of Pooja Bedi and her ex-husband Farhan Furniturewalla. Alaya made her Bollywood debut this year with Jawaani Jaaneman this year, in which she co-starred with Saif Ali Khan and Tabu.

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